Items & Tools I use in my woodworking shop

I’ve been on instagram since mid march, and I’m always getting questions about the tools, finishes and consumables that I use in my shop. Here they are, from tools, to finishes and shop towels… my comprehensive list of items I use in my shop.

Power Tools
Bandsaw (link)
Planer (link)
10″ Drill Press (link)
Rotary Tool (link)
5″ random orbit sander (link)
4″ x 36″ Belt/6″ disc sander (link)
Table Saw – Craftsman 113 (vintage not sold on amazon)

Hand Saws
Japanese Dovetail Saw (link)
Japanese Pull Saw (Ryoba) (link)
Coping Saw (link)

Table Saw Blades
50t Combination Blade (link)
80t Finish Blade (link)

Bandsaw Blades
111″ x 3/4 3 tpi (link)
111″ x 1/4 10 tpi (link)

Router & Drill Bits
1/4″ carbide up spiral bit (link)
1/4″ Tongue & Groove Bits (1/4″ shank) (link)

Measuring & Marking
25′ Tape Measure (link)
Speed Square (link)
Combination Square (link)
Marking Knife (link)
Marking Gauge (link)

5″ Hook and Loop Sanding Discs (link)
4×36 sanding belts (link)
Abrasive Cleaning Stick for Sanding Belts & Discs (link)

Jigs & Specialty Tools
Katz-Moses Dovetail Jig
Dowel Plate (link)

Finishes & Oils
Foodsafe (link)
Danish Oil (link)
Walnut Danish Oil (link)
Boiled Linseed Oil (link)
Shellac (link)
Lacquer (link)
Water Borne Polycrylic (link)

Books (some of my favorite reference materials)
Complete Manual Of Woodworking (link)
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking (3 Books)
Book 1 (link)
Book 2 (link)
Book 3 (link)
The Why and How of Woodworking (link)
The Furniture Manual (link)
Understanding Wood Finishing (link)
Illustrated Cabinet Making (link)
The Joint Book (link)

Consumables & Miscellaneous
Lint Free White Shop Rags 100% Cotton (link)
Retractable Blade/Contractor Pencil (link)
White Charcoal Pencils (link)
Epoxy (link)
Pencil Sharpener (super cheap and reliable) (link)
High Temp Hot Melt Glue (link)
Waterproof Wood Glue (link)
Liquid Hide Glue (link)
Drafting Pencil (link)
Glue Bot (link)
Dowel Plate (link)
Rasp and File Set (link)
Brass Setup Gauge Blocks (link)
Self Centering Drill Bits (link)
Honing Guide (link)
Powdered Pigments (link)
Rip Resistant Nitrile Gloves (link)

Misc Materials
3/16 Inch Brass Round Rod (link)
12″ x 12″ x 3/8″ Plexiglass (link)

Hardware & Fasteners
Table Top Fasteners (link)

Photo & Video Equipment
Primary Camera (link)
16-50mm lens (link)
16mm Lens (link)
55-210mm Lens (link)
50mm Lens (link)
Standard Tripod (link)
Mini Tripod (link)