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Quick and easy shelf pins with a pegboard jig

I’m currently working on cabinets to update the storage in my single car garage workshop, specifically a tall cabinet with adjustable shelving, and it’s time for shelf pins, with a cabinet near 6 1/2 feet tall, I have a whole lot of them to do!

Rather than buying a shelf pin jig, I chose to use a piece of pegboard in conjunction with a self centering drill bit. Pegboard has 1/4 inch holes drilled precisely 1″ on center which makes it perfect for drilling shelf pins with the help of a self centering drill bit. With this piece of pegboard, the holes weren’t equidistant from the edge, so hot glued it to a piece of scrap, and ripped the uneven edges on the table saw. From there, I taped over holes I didn’t want to use, and labels the top and front of the jig. Next, I clamped to the front edge of the cabinet and lined it up with the edge. For the back set of holes, I held the jig in place, drilled the first and last holes, and used a dowel to hold the jig in place to finish it out. From here, it’s just a rinse and repeat using the previous holes and a dowel to register the jig spacing. 

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