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Dovetail Wall Cabinet From Cherry & Curly Maple

I’ve been practicing my dovetails for what seems like years (actually only months), and have done dozens of test pieces with various wood species. I finally felt up to the challenge of making my first build with dovetail joinery. This is a personal piece I designed to originally have a dual panel door. After seeing the fiddle-back figure in the piece of curly maple I intended to use for the door panel, I thought it would look better as a continuous piece.

This was a ton of fun, and I actually made it thru with less headaches than I anticipated. I’m really proud of this thing, look at me making cabinets!

The curly maple was sourced here in Indy @indyurbanhardwood and the cabinet carcass and shelves came from a single board care of @hoodfarmsandsawmill

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