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Matching Sliding Lid Burl Boxes

I’ve been following a woodburner/Pyrography artist by the name of Nancy Ravard (@nravard on instagram) for some time, and I really admire her work. I’m checking off 2 boxes on this build, this is my first instagram collaboration and is my first collaboration with anyone who is going to decorate or embellish my work with artwork of their own. Nancy makes alot of pet portraits and landscapes, as well as a beautiful piece she calls a fairy door, in many assorted themes. I can only dream of what may be in store for these 2 wonderful boxes.

I set out to make a simple, and understated box that would be a good canvass for Nancy to add artwork too. After seeing a box build from Matt Cremona did with a hunk of Cherry Burl and a bit of thermally modified ash sliding lid box, I really wanted to try my hand at the sliding lid design. I borrowed a lovely design feature from Matt that I think really finishes off the box very nice, and that was to miter the corners of the lid to match the profile of the miters on the box. This gives the appearance of a single board sticking out, and an illusion that the box could open on a hinge or is otherwise attached. I’m really happy with how it came out, and I’m definitely going to be doing a run of these little boxes, real soon.

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