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Woodturning a Ring Holder

I’ve been itching to get my lathe out and turn something lately. I’ve got a bin full of small pieces and scraps that I have needed to get rid of, and what better way than to make good use of them. I had a ring dish in mind, with a spindle in the center to capture jewelry and a dish for small loose items. This is not a new concept, but I planned on creating a prototype that my Wife and I could sell in our shop. 

This piece started with a 5″ square off cut of walnut from the end of a board, so I mixed up a small amount of epoxy with a contrasting gold powdered pigment to offer a bit of flare to the flaw in the material. For the spindle, I used a small piece of figured Oregon Myrtlewood and finished with a coat of super blonde shellac and a beeswax polish. 

I’m really happy with the final form of these ring holders, but I may change the build process up just a bit to attach the post for the spindle earlier in the process.

Overall, I’m happy with this quick little lathe project. I’ll absolutely be turning more of these little wooden ring holders on the lathe.

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