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Organizing my most used tools according to first order retrievability with a bench top tool caddy.

Alright, here’s the deal… I have a problem, well a few problems. 
I have all of these great tools, and I use them all of the time.. but I am in a small single car garage workshop and space is limited. In many cases my tools become buried under wood scraps, sawdust, notes, or random parts on my assembly table. 

I spent my weekend trying to catch up on housekeeping in the wood shop. I rearranged some tools, added casters to my planer (cart), my router (cart), and my joiner. I got rid of a bunch of big items that had found a permanent home in the corner of the shop because they were just too big to throw away at the curb and freed up a ton of space. 

To go along with the theme of organizing my shop, and improving the workflow, my mind wondered around to recall something I had seen Adam Savage discuss on his Tested youtube series he calls “first order of retrievability”  

 – “Which is that I like my shop to operate so I don’t have to move anything out of the way to get to other things….”

With this in mind, and thinking about how my tools are always hitting the floor, I opted to make a bench top tool caddy to make my most used tools more readily available. 

I came up with something that housed most of my tools, and isn’t too heavy to move if I need the entire bench to work. I haven’t had a chance to utilize my new caddy in a build, but I have already noticed that its easier to keep track of my pencils. 

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