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Making a Maple & Walnut Footed Keepsake Box

Maple & Walnut Keepsake Box

I had just finished up my walnut and maple river console table and had a few cut-offs I wanted to do something special with. My father in law had also been mentioning doing something special for his wife. We did some simple math (cue up the jeopardy theme), and worked out to make my Mother-In-Law a keepsake box. As usual, I go to the lumber rack to pick out some boards to mill up for the box. With rough lumber I never know exactly what is there until I begin the milling process. I opted for a simple rabbit joint, keeping in mind that I intended to cut thru it later to attach my feet. I had originally planned on doing a straight style leg, and wanted to make the box look more shaker-table-esque… but opted to go with a compound inward facing curve for a more visually interesting profile. I came up with a method to cut the box top that I will very likely be using again, as it was very easy and felt very stable. The thought of making boxes hadn’t been very appealing to me in some time, but maybe… just maybe I’ll make a few more.

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