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Making a bunch of Joiners Mallets

I have this legendary mallet in my shop lovingly dubbed Thor’s Hammer (Probably what every wood worker calls his mallet), every time I have certain friends or family over they want to check it out. With a fully stocked lumber rack, and no pressing projects on my workbench, I figured I’d make a few. Once I started picking out boards, I had a thought… “Why make 1 or 2 when you can make 12″… So I made a bunch. I picked some cherry, ash, walnut and a few pieces of maple to get the mallets made.

All in all, I was able to put together some pretty killer joiners mallets. I’ll take my picks for my personal mallet and gifts and the rest of them for sale on our site.

If you’re interested in seeing how it all came together, check out the build video below. 

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