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Make a Mortise and Tenon Step Stool

I’ve been making a great effort lately to customize our kitchen cabinet and storage for our needs. We’re very limited to cabinet space, so my wife and I need every bit of upper cabinet space we have. One little problem, my wife… a little short thing, has trouble reaching things and other step stools are a little too big for our kitchen. 

Not wanting to have to drag in our big rubbermaid step stool every time she needed to reach something in the laundry room, my wife asked me to make her a step stool. 

My wife, has a very rural/modern style so I set out to make some her something she would love as a gift for our upcoming wedding anniversary. 

My finished stool measured out to be about 16″ long, roughly 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The legs were joined with thru mortise and tenons and the tenons left proud and chamfered for aesthetics. This particular piece of ash had some bug holes and some nice staining and grain character so I set out to finish it with a diluted boiled linseed oil.

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