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Building a Modified Version of The Super Samurai Joinery Jig

For those interested in my router jig I posted about the other day on instagram here ya go. I started with a 12×12 x 3/8 (thicc boy) piece of Plexiglas. I found my center point and painstakingly cut about a 2 1/2 diameter hole. Next I used blue tape for a base to make visible marks every 1 inch on center down each side, roughly 1 inch from the edge of the plexi. I then went over to the drill press and used a countersink bit to knock it out fairly easy. From there, I used a utility knife to score center lines across the x and y planes, filled in with permanent maker and cleaned away with alcohol leaving a nice deep black line to measure for jig setup. Holes down all 4 sides will allow me to use as a router base, or ad multiple 2,3,4 fences for setting up other operations. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be using it, but it will be soon. Someone remind me how much I hate working with plexiglass next time a sheet of acrylic makes an appearance on my feed. Any questions feel free to ask. Photos of my build process and the original build video from The Samurai below. 

Design borrowed and modified from a video seen on samuraicarpenter YouTube channel. “SUPER SAMURAI JOINERY JIG! Mortise And Tenon Joint Demo” 

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